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Roseville boasts a high quality of life with well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community. Roseville’s convenient location within the Sacramento area provides easy access to major employment, entertainment, and outdoor recreational activities.  Residents enjoy vibrant shopping and dining, including the renowned Westfield Galleria at Roseville. Additionally, Roseville is known for its family-friendly environment, with safe neighborhoods (thanks to local law enforcement), top-rated schools, and parks.

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Roseville is located in Placer County, northeast of Sacramento, the state capital and is conveniently positioned along Interstate 80.

Why You'll LOVE it:

Why You'll HATE it:


There’s always something to do in Roseville

Golf Courses

Too much golfing- lame


Roseville is situated in a prime location


Too many shops, you may become a shopaholic


Roseville has a strong community and it shows

Dof Parks

People are always out walking their dogs- as if

             WestField Galleria

Everthing you could possibly need in one place


Too many to choose from- so annoying.

Elegant Homes

Charm and elegance shine through the home designs

Walking Trails

You’ll feel obligated to do cardio.

Home Styles In Roseville

Roseville features a diverse array of home styles. Three prominent types are ranch-style homes, known for their single-story layout and seamless indoor-outdoor living. Craftsman-style homes are admired for their attention to detail, including front porches and exposed beams. Mediterranean-style homes, with stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and arched doorways, evoke a sense of elegance and reflect influences from Mediterranean countries


Ranch Style

This type of home typically features a long, low profile with a simple, open layout and a horizontal orientation. Ranch-style houses often have a prominent front porch, large windows, and easy access to outdoor living spaces.



It is characterized by its emphasis on handcrafted details, natural materials, and a strong sense of craftsmanship. Craftsman-style houses often feature low-pitched roofs, wide eaves with exposed rafters, decorative woodwork, and an inviting front porch.



Typically features stucco or plaster exteriors, tile roofs, and arched windows and doorways. Mediterranean-style houses often have courtyards or outdoor living spaces and incorporate elements like wrought iron accents and decorative tile work.


Roseville is known for having a strong education system with schools that are  recognized for their quality.

Roseville City Elementary

The mission of the Roseville City School District Personnel Department is to provide service that supports the maximum learning for each and every one of our students.


Dry Creek Elementary

Our high schools are responsible for educating students from three local “partner” K-8 school districts: Dry Creek, Eureka, and Roseville City school districts.


Roseville Highschool

is responsible for educating students from three local “partner” K-8 school districts: Dry Creek, Eureka, and Roseville City school districts.


Places of Interest

Roseville offers a blend of shopping, entertainment, cultural experiences, and outdoor recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

 This expansive shopping center is a popular destination for shopping enthusiasts. It features a wide selection of retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment options.

This family-friendly amusement park and water park offers a variety of attractions, including mini-golf, go-karts, water slides, and arcade games. It’s a great place to spend a fun-filled day with family and friends.

The historic downtown area of Roseville is a charming district with a vibrant atmosphere. It features a variety of boutique shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and art galleries. Explore the unique architecture and enjoy the local events and festivals that take place in the area.

This museum showcases the history and culture of the Nisenan Maidu people, the original inhabitants of the region. Visitors can explore exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that highlight the heritage of the indigenous community.

Denio’s is a bustling farmers market and swap meet that has been a local institution for over 70 years. Visitors can browse through a wide variety of vendors offering fresh produce, unique crafts, antiques, clothing, and much more.

This educational center provides interactive exhibits and programs focused on water, energy, and environmental conservation. You will learn about sustainable practices and gain insight into responsible resource management.

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